A Short Story of How We Met

A quick story of how Caroline and Rob met

Caroline and Rob met on a sunny, beautiful day at the Hurlingham Club in Southwest London. Lisa, who went to school with Caroline and who knew Rob from her prior job in finance, invited them and a few others to the Hurlingham Fete Champetre, a summer party at the club.

Everyone met for a predrink at Aragon House, a local pub. Rob recalls meeting Caroline and chatting her up immediately. Caroline recalls him being boorish and pushy.

Despite nearly getting rejected entry due to Rob’s failure to respect the dress code, the group made it in and had a lovely evening at the club.

Caroline was going home to her parents’ house that night and kindly offered to drop Rob off since it was on the way home. He took her up on the offer and got her phone number when she dropped him off.

Thus began a courtship of texting while Caroline was revising for exams and eventually led to them going on a first date in London at the Old Bull and Bush in Hampstead a few weeks later, and the rest is history!

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